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What People Are Saying

“I have found no other music in my 30 years of creating healing imagery that takes people deeper into the heart of healing! I guarantee it!”

~ Emmett Miller, MD, Mind Body Medicine

“We discover the profound healing that Robert’s work brings to our hearts. Whether you are a casual listener or a professional healer, the music of Robert Coxon is an essential addition to the library of anyone on the Path.”

~ Gregg Braden, Best selling Author

"Robert Coxon (creates) a powerful prescription to enhance your health, fill your heart, and re-ignite your passion for life.”

~ Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., Cell Biologist and

Best-selling Author

"Coxon’s beautiful soul soothing music heals mind and body, while letting your spirit fly to the heavens.’’


~ Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., Cell Biologist and Bestselling Author

His music is like a carrier wave for transformative, quantum energetics. Relaxing deeply with his music can transport you to many different realms: inner peace, boundless joy, an access to your creative energies... Do not just listen to his music, bathe in the soundscape that can carry you into new experiences of self awareness.

~ Prageet Harris, The Stargate Experience Inc.

From my very first steps in knowing myself, Robert's music has been with me. It literally became the original soundtrack for my spiritual journey. Moreover, I am convinced that his music has it’s own spiritual power: to calm, heal, open hearts. Now, when people ask me where to start the practice of meditation, I answer, “Listen to Prelude to Infinity…”

~ Alexander Menshikov, psychologist, Spiritual Guide

“Robert is a music giant. I celebrate the fact that God let him live at this time in history, where we can enjoy his genius.”


~ Lee Carroll, The Kryon Writings

“In this beautiful music... our heart opens and we feel Divine Love, compassion and joy.”


~ Miranda Gray, Originator of ‘Womb Blessing’ (150,000+ women)

“When we think of Robert Coxon’s music, we think of more than just the music. It sets an energy and it really does posture the Divinity of the experience… you simply have to stop and listen to it.”

~ Lee Carroll, Author of the Kryon books

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“I bought my first CD and can't stop listening to it. It's mesmerizing every time.”

~ C. Fabien

“A thousand thank you Robert for this beautiful gift!!! I find my essence every time I listen to your music! I even have my soul master piece as a ringtone when I wake up in the morning. . . so cool!”


~ Laura C.

“DIVINE MEMORIES. How I vibrated to your music which enchanted me lifted my soul and allowed me to heal.”

~ Jakina D.

“This music holds all of the elements that I hold so dear, and on a positive tone. I hold onto the seed of learning and mastery for the future and eternity, through this Soul Masterpiece.”

~ Gibran H

“Never heard such heavenly and peaceful Music before! It's so much soultouching and it nearly makes me cry!”

~ Sandy T.

“The new music can't be described in words. All I could feel was OH MY GOD. This is unquestionably transcending everything before.”

~ Debbie Z

“The first time I heard the music playing, within a few seconds, I broke down in tears. My soul remembered... My soul awakened…”


~ Linda B.

“Reconnects me to who I am, so easily and directly, with so much sweetness.”

~ Sarah-Joyce B.

The Coxon Effect 

around the world.



~ Mizu H

“É a representação da pureza, do amor, da evolução. Eternamente agradecidaRobert!!!!”


~ Vivian E

“Wow c’est tellement beau merci beaucoup xx.”

~ Chris T.


~ Elena P

“Muhtesemmmmmm bayılıyorum bu ROBERT HAİG COXON unmüziklerine..sevgiyle dinliyorum ve meditasyon halini yaşatıyor bana.”

~ Filis C


~ No Write (Greece)



~ Virgina M


“Esta música estremece todo mi ser... Gracias robert gracias!”

~ Dayana S

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