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transformational music… become the new human
Voices of the Eloheim


This is a co-creation between Lilly Wong and I. Many Teachers speak of the emergence of the New Human as we raise our inner frequency. Through choice we can begin changing our DNA and upgrading our consciousness. Voices of the Eloheim* is the key that opens the Cosmic Door to become that New Human. I bring through powerful music for us to unite and perform as a Cosmic Choir. The Eloheim compositions use Sacred Universal Light Language holding no 3-D blockages. The words are multi-dimensional, each containing many layers of truth.

_Voices of the Eloheim.jpg

“You are the lineage of the Masters. The two of you together have exponentially increased your effect on others… the vibration that you put forward is not something the planet has seen but it’s right on schedule. Both of you are right on schedule.”

Kryon, channelled by Lee Carroll - Hot Springs, 2016

Lilly Wong has the gift and mission of helping humanity change our DNA and upgrade our consciousness. When combined with the music this becomes a powerful tool for transformation. Are you ready to co-create with us, to open up to your Avatar Self?

*Ancient texts mention the Eloheim; we see them as an angelic group consciousness, guardians of cosmic portals, and builders of the Universe as we know it.

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