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Programme Recorded from Bali

Revealing the Divine Inner Self

by Robert Coxon

Transform your life with sacred music, energy and consciousness

Program Host: Alexander Menshikov

World-renowned composer and Qigong teacher Robert Coxon and Alexander Menshikov invite you on a journey into who we really are.


For 12 days online and live in Bali, Robert will share powerful tools that unite the science of music, energy and mind.


You will be able to immerse yourself in Robert's flow of healing sound, energy and wisdom, practice qigong and meditation with Robert and Alexander, and create together the changes we desire in our lives!

Robert Haig Coxon.png
Robert Haig Coxon.png

Start believing in miracles!

Thousands of people have already seen positive changes in body, mind and life in general thanks to The Coxon Effect, the sacred healing music of Robert Haig Coxon. Immerse yourself in the magical sounds of his music every day.


Wisdom Energy Qigong

My name is Alexa Young

Qigong is the art of connecting body, energy (Qi) and consciousness to help improve our lives and become a new person. Robert has been practicing Zhineng Qigong for over 20 years - it has been scientifically proven to be the most powerful and most effective technique for personal and global change.

Learn and practice the secrets of this ancient art with Robert.


By connecting with our inner consciousness, we discover the tools that take us beyond our limiting beliefs, allow us to tap into our innate inner power and begin to control our true destiny. As we change on the inside, our outer world also changes. Every day we will explore our Inner Master deeper and deeper.


Zhineng Qigong... "Zhi" means wisdom and "neng" means ability.

Moving from belief to knowledge... explore ways to develop your gift of intuition. Get in touch with this Infinite Wisdom of the Universe.

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Robert Coxon.jpg

He has been playing the piano since he was 2 years old and started learning about metaphysics and the power of the inner mind from his grandmother at the age of 7.

Robert Haig Coxon

Renowned new age composer, musician and healer, author of music by Kryon.


Robert Haig Coxon studied music at McGill University, focusing on composition. His other passion was spiritual knowledge, our connection to other worlds and dimensions.


After a minor health crisis and subsequent healing through music and meditation, Robert realized that he was able to create compositions that would help people change themselves and their lives. His two paths, music and spirituality, merged and he was now focused on his mission.


Robert has travelled the world performing and teaching, and writing music for film and television. He is known as the creator of music for Kryon's Channeling.


He lives north of Montreal, Canada, on top of Sacred Mount Mont Gabriel.


Read Robert's story at:


Each day was professionally recorded from Bali, starting the day with a QiGong together with Robert.

We continue with a daily wisdom and meditation lesson with Robert & Alexander.

Event recorded in Russian and English

Options for Participation



Online Participation

11 000 Rublos 

(137 USD)

  • Your co-creation with us online

  • Possibility to ask questions

  • Recordings immediately after the class

  • Professional version after completion


Recorded Programmes

15 000 Rublos (186 USD)

  • Professional video version of the programme after completion.


Live Participation in Bali

Describe your service here. What makes it great? Use short catchy text to tell people what you offer, and the benefits they will receive. A great description gets readers in the mood, and makes them more likely to go ahead and book.

75 000 Rublos (930 USD)

  • Pre-payment: 25,000 rubles,
    the rest on the spot

  • Participation in the filming

  • Possibility to ask questions

  • Join entertainment and adventures with other participants in Bali

  • Spots are limited!

If you have any difficulties with the payment, as well as for all technical questions, please write to our support team:

  • What is the format of the program?
    5 Steps to Becoming the New Human will be held online at 12:00 pm New Your time (7:00 pm Moscow time) each day from April 12-16. The 5 modules will each be approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours with hosts Robert and Alexander and their guest(s) of the day. Deep conversations, new spiritual revelations, musical and guided meditations, as well as channeling especially for program guests are waiting for you.
  • What do I need to watch?
    You will need a computer or phone with internet access to watch.
  • Is access limited in time?
    Once the conference is completed, recordings of all meetings will remain available to you permanently.
  • 🇷🇺🇬🇧 What language will be spoken during the talks?
    Alexander speaks Russian, and Robert and the guests speak English. Both talks and meditations will be accompanied by consecutive translations from Russian into English and English into Russian. This is a good opportunity to invite your English-speaking friends to join our circle and experience the energy created here.

What is said about me...


Gregg Braden

Best-selling Author of the relationship between Science and Spirit

“The profound healing that Robert's work brings to our hearts. Whether you are a casual listener or a professional healer, Robert Coxon's music is an indispensable addition to anyone's library.”

Bruce Lipton.jpeg

Bruce G. Lipton

PhD, Biologist and Best-selling Author

"Robert Coxon creates an effective recipe for boosting your health, filling your soul and rekindling your passion for life. Robert's beautifully soothing music heals the mind and body, allowing your spirit to soar."

Lee Carroll.jpeg

Lee Carroll

Original Kryon Channel, Best-selling Author

"Robert Coxon is a musical giant. I am pleased with the fact that God has sent him to us in this historical era, allowing us to enjoy his talent.

When we think of Robert's music, it's not just the music that gets us thinking. There is an energy to it, and it truly conveys a divine experience... you just have to stop and listen to it."

Prageet Harris.jpeg

Prageet Harris

Spiritual Teacher, Founder of Stargate

"Robert's music is like a wave of transformative power, quantum energy. By relaxing with his music, you have the opportunity to be transported to different realms: inner peace, boundless joy, access to creative energies... Go beyond listening to his music, enjoy a soundscape that can take you into a new experience of self awareness."

Alexander Menshikov.jpeg

Alexander Menshikov

The Consciousness Revolution

Since my first steps in self-discovery, Robert's music has been there. It literally became the original soundtrack of my spiritual journey. Moreover, I am convinced that it has its own spiritual power: calming, healing, opening hearts. Now, when people ask me: where to start meditation practice, I answer: listen to Prelude to Infinity....

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