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the coxon effect
The Science

I always knew that music could relax the body and influence emotions but it was only while writing my first album, Cristal Silence that I was shown a glimpse of it’s incredible power to affect and transform all life.


As I was composing, the many plants on the window ledge all began to grow towards the speakers instead of the natural outdoor light. This continued during the whole process of (my) creation. When Cristal Silence reached the public, testimonials began pouring in about how this music was affecting people,

how it was transforming their lives.


There were so many inspiring stories that I realized it could not be coincidence;

the music was definitely having a positive effect. Inspired to compose more music, I wanted to take this process further and to have scientific experiments performed that could support and perhaps prove this abundance of anecdotal evidence.

On this, The Science page, you

will find some of the results from research done on The Coxon Effect.