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music to transform your life
Soul Masterpiece©

A gift from the Divine directly to your heart!
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• Opening to Self-Healing, a Stronger Immune System • Calming of the Mind with Total Relaxation • Finding Inner Peace through Self-Love • Manifesting Abundance and Creativity

Robert and Lilly explain how your Soul Masterpiece works

Listen to Soul Masterpiece examples and see testimonials

Robert Coxon says…

"Composing music is often an intellectual process, but then there is the art of being totally connected with the Universe and allowing the notes to pour through. This is a unique gift that I have... and wish to share with you. When I create your Soul Masterpiece I connect with your Universe, your Soul, as I am guided to manifest the perfect music (perfect melodies, perfect harmonies, perfect sounds) that can be the catalyst for personal healing, self-confidence, self-love... for you to be the Master of your life.”

Lilly Wong says…

“The Universe is constantly sending you messages of Light, Vibration and Consciousness.

I am a Cosmic Translator and as I transcribe the information, I create a special unique code (iCode) and sounds (iSounds) so that you can receive, remember and integrate those personal messages.”

The Result...

The Music, iCode and iSounds work together synergistically, unlocking old limiting patterns and accessing more possibilities in your life, reminding you of who you truly are as they elevate your energy, vibration and frequency to a state of greater harmony and alignment with your Divine Path.


“It is so beautiful to get in touch with the Soul essence of a person as their music pours through my mind and through my hands. It is heartwarming to see the changes that do take place.”

Robert Haig Coxon

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8-10 minutes piece channeled for you by Robert Coxon, your Light Language Sacred Symbol channeled by Lilly Wong, individual messages and comments channeled by Robert and Lilly especially for you:


A message from the Divine directly to your heart!

597 USD
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6 minute* piece channeled by Robert Coxon specifically for you.

(Does not include the iCode, iLanguage or personal comments)

397 USD
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3 minute* piece channeled by Robert Coxon specifically for you. 

(Does not include the iCode, iLanguage or personal comments)

197 USD

Prices in US dollars (USD)

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music to transform your business
Corporate Soul Masterpiece©

Imagine having a music that represents the Soul Essence of your company, not just a beautiful song, but a music that becomes a catalyst for positive growth, harmony among employees and partners, increased sales, and creative innovation with a sense of true purpose in helping Planet Earth and it’s inhabitants. If you can vision this, then…


Explore how we can help energetically enhance the future of your enterprise by contacting us through:



A gourmet restaurant was having trouble attracting enough clientele even though the food, ambiance and location were amazing.


After we created the restaurant's Corporate Soul Masterpiece©, the owner’s only challenge became how to accommodate so many new customers.



Our clients owned an exclusive resort in Mexico that had been built on Sacred Mayan Land. They did not realize that this construction would create many challenges on an energetic and physical level.


Lilly and I were then asked to create special music and codes that could help heal the wounds and restore balance and harmony to this Sacred place. Listen to the transforming music…


Chablé… A Corporate Soul Masterpiece

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