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the coxon effect
The Stories

Many listeners not only have a profound experience from listening to the music, but the music actually becomes a dailypart of their lives, accompanying and assisting them, as they open up to their own personal growth.


On this page you will find both text and videos filled with true stories of howThe Coxon Effect has been playing a major role in transforming thousands of individuallives.

What is your story?

See the video testimonials:

See the text testimonials:

No More Leukemia and Back to Life from Coma


I discovered Robert H. Coxon's music in 1994. It was Cristal Silent I. It helped me a lot. I started using it when I was doing the REIKI treatments. The clients said to me: “It's special with you, I live long-lasting releases with ease. ..."


Cristal Silent I, helps to release emotions. So, for the clients, it allowed them to open their hearts, giving them greater results in their lives.


I continued to discover all of Robert's CDs, to use them. It is good for the BEING (the self).


In 2014, I had Chronic Lymphoid Leukemia, I was bringing Robert H. Coxon's music to the hospital. Music played day and night. When I received the chemotherapy protocols, I had the music playing as well at home too. In 2015, I no longer had LLC in my bone marrow. In 2016, I had a fungus in my lungs, which caused me to fall into a coma. As I hadn't planned anything, I didn't have Robert's music with me. My sisters when they found out, they brought Robert's music to intensive care. Suddenly I heard the music, I realized that I was no longer on earth. I made the choice to come back. So this music brought me back to life.


Thank you Robert for creating music that connects with life on all levels.


With love,

Thérèse G. Quebec, Canada


Robert’s note: “Thérèse told me that it was Coming Home from the album Prelude to Infinity that Brought her back to life from being in a coma. Also I had created her Soul Masterpiece after her Leukemia diagnosis and this was part of the music she listened to."

Poison Ivy Rash Disappears During the Performance


My first exposure to Robert Coxon was at a Kryon summer light conference in Mt. Shasta many years ago. He played The Silent Path and it washed over me like a cocoon where I felt safe and loved.


The next year when I attended the light conference, I had an itchy poison ivy rash all over my face and neck, I was dealing with pain from surgery to my foot, and stress from other factors. That year, a healing music session by Robert was part of the program, and when he played, all the pain, stress, and itching left my body. The rash disappeared by the end of the day, I no longer needed the post-op shoe and walked without pain, and my stress was gone.


Colleen M.

Albert P. Braun - Testimonial


My name is Albert P. Braun. My wife June and I are from Erie, Pennsylvania. I attended the Kryon Light Conference in 2009. It was my first conference, and my wife's second. After the conference, June and I attended Robert Coxon’s music workshop.


During the conference, my ankles had been very seriously swollen. Whenever possible, I would sit with my legs propped up in hopes of reducing the swelling.


In the workshop I was extremely fascinated by what he told us and demonstrated. He mentioned much about the healing powers of music and explained the impact of emotionally and spiritually charged music in the healing processes. During the break, I walked up to the platform to speak with him. He was speaking with one young woman as I thought about my concerns about the regenerative capabilities of music on the physical body and its effectiveness in rebuilding cartilage, and the problem with my right shoulder.


Just as Robert and I were about to speak, I looked down and noticed that the swelling in my legs was going away. Several others noticed the gradual reduction of this swelling. It was a “miraculous experience.” One observer, a registered nurse, said she had never seen anything like that happen. My wife and I were amazed. As for others, only about half a dozen actually witnessed this occurrence - but they actually saw the gradual reduction of the swelling in my ankles in less than two or three minutes.


He asked me if I would speak to the others in the workshop after the break. I was excited to do that. The pain in my shoulder had subsided. The rest of the workshop was a continued beautiful experience for me. It has been almost a year since that occurrence. I was 78, then, and I am now a very active 79. I have not had any swelling problem in my ankles since the evening of the workshop, Monday night, June 15, 2009.

God bless you all and God bless Robert Coxon


Albert P. Braun Erie Pennsylvania

Discover in The Science page, some of the results from research done on The Coxon Effect.

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