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Robert Haig Coxon

Powerfully Peaceful Music

Started to play piano at 2, wrote his first piano piece at 10, his healing albums have touched millions of people throughout the world.

My Story

As a very young child I must have been unconsciously aware of what my mission in this life would be because from the moment I could first sit at the piano and actually reach the keys, I was totally fascinated with music.


I had two very different grandmothers. One of them had a piano so I was able to start playing at such a young age. When I turned nine, she gave me that piano so that I could start Classical lessons.


The other grandmother lived in New York City studying metaphysics with some of the great Masters. On holidays she would visit us in Montreal, Canada and she would teach me some of this spiritual knowledge.


For so many years, I was un-aware of the profound impact that both grandmothers would have on my future.


Every spare moment was dedicated to playing and performing. I studied music for 6 years at McGill University, focusing mainly on composition, but my hunger to expand continued. I then sought out the best teachers in film scoring, orchestration and piano technique.

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My Mission

The awakening point for me in realizing why I actually came here, happened when I had a small health crisis and was healed through music and meditation. Since I was already a composer, I felt that I should write music to help people transform themselves and their lives.


The two paths, music and spirituality, were finally united, Cristal Silence was born and I was now aware of my mission.  My primary purpose in composing is to help humanity and the world. By focusing on this mission I am constantly supported by the Universe.


Being ‘the music of Kryon’ for so many years has allowed me to travel the world, experince amazing people and places, and given me the opportunity to score music for projects very dear to my heart. When I wrote the background music for 6 seasons of the Discovery Channel’s 'How It’s Made', I intended for this music to include a profound positive effect on the audience. This is how I approach every project.


Music is the key that opens the door to a multi-dimensional experience, where the source of all possibilities reside. My mission is to continually expand the limits of what sound can accomplish in helping us to define who we are as the new human.

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“Robert is far more than an internationally recognized, accomplished musician. He is an incredible channel of energies... that can carry you into new experiences of self awareness, inner peace and boundless joy.”

Prageet Harris, The Stargate Experience Inc.

Robert Haig Coxon


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