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Robert Haig Coxon
Powerfully Peaceful Music

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music to transform your life
Soul Masterpiece©

A gift from the Divine directly to your heart!

• Opening to Self-Healing, a Stronger Immune System • Calming of the Mind with Total Relaxation • Finding Inner Peace through Self-Love

• Manifesting Abundance and Creativity

Access The Science page and find some of the powerful results from research done on The Coxon Effect.


Robert Haig Coxon

“Robert is far more than an internationally recognized, accomplished musician. He is an incredible channel of energies... that can carry you into new experiences of self awareness, inner peace and boundless joy.”

 the coxon effect
The Stories

Many listeners not only have a profound experience from listening to the music, but the music actually becomes a dailypart of their lives, accompanying and assisting them, as they open up to their own personal growth.

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