Prelude to Infinity

“Such profound melodies....guiding the listener to the source of all beauty. Think healing!” Lee Carroll, Author, The Kryon Books

Robert shows us his great mastery of composition and orchestration through strong melody lines, lush orchestral strings and heavenly choir backgrounds. He also shows us true artistic talent with some very sensitive acoustic piano passages. It provides a magical setting for the listener to transcend time and space, and therefore experience infinite beauty and harmony.

Nominated for the GALA Award (Robert’s fourth nomination)


The Silent Path

A continuously top selling album in both Europe and North America (#1 in France for 5 years!), many thousands of listeners have used this music as a catalyst to manifest true healing and true miracles in their lives. This angelic sound with delicate orchestrations and beautiful melodies creates an optimum setting for total relaxation, total well-being.


Cristal Silence I

Soothing melodies to help relax the body and remove emotional blockages. So relaxing, it’s considered a classic by Massage Therapists.


Cristal Silence II

Takes the listener progressively deeper, into that sacred space where all things are possible. A powerful tool for accessing true self-confidence.


Cristal Silence III

A Voyage into the realms of total balance and alignment. The listener quickly becomes centred in preparation for their Silent Path!


Creative Mind Series

A series devoted to developing the power of the Mind so that we may all be in touch with our true source and become Masters of our lives. Besides the magical Mental Clarity sound, other CDs will include guided imagery by both Robert Haig Coxon and well known Authors and health specialists.

Mental Clarity

“Wow, I love your music! The open fifth (Mental Clarity) definitely altered me and my internal feeling was other dimensional.” Neal Powers, Magical Blend Magazine

The harmonics that this sound is based on were used by the monks in Medieval times to create "Real Magic".

With a group of Medical Research specialists, Robert Coxon developed the Mental Clarity sound that helps the listener clear the mind of mental clutter. This enables a very deep state of meditation, unlocking the true Creative Power that exists in all of us. Track one consists of a very harmonious sound (without a melody), purposely held for 22 minutes.


Personal Power Music

I cried through the recording, and I still cry now when I listen to the music for it fills me with such great love and it fills the void inside with peace.
Marta S., Florida

Have you ever listened to Robert Coxon's transcendent music and found yourself transported to another place? Emotions are released and pictures are painted within your mind. Healing is often the result and lives are changed. This is because this profound music comes from a very high source.

After the release of The Silent Path, Robert was performing a concert near Beaumont, Quebec, Canada, when the audience demanded a third encore. He then decided to spontaneously create a piece of music that would reflect the energy of the listeners. Many were in tears as he ended the concert. This began his tradition of creating powerful, original music for audiences throughout the world.

Robert Coxon took this a step further by offering Personal Power Music to those individuals attending the Annual Kryon Cruise. Sitting quietly with Robert, he feels the energy and begins to play. Listen as the two of you combine energies and tap into your own energy- your past, your potentials, and your true power. When finished, you are presented with a personal CD, burned live during your 15 minute session. These sessions became so popular that it was difficult to schedule everyone. Robert then realised he could connect to these same energies by using a photograph.

People listen to their Personal Power Music time after time to find their true power, and to release healing energy that is part of one’s mastery.

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